Consistency has never been my strong suit. At least, not without structures in place to make me consistent. I can be consistent for work. For school. But in my personal life, everything gets a little muddled. Pisces, my sun sign, is what’s called a mutable sign. Ever-changing, always shifting, and and not at all prone to ritualistic habits.

This year, I did make one ritualistic habit: MORNING AFFIRMATIONS (ugh, yes, I know. Rest assured this is not a toxic positivity blog.) Every morning, after I make my bed, I sit cross-legged in front of my altar. I grab whatever crystal or rock feels right, and repeat affirmations to myself, saying each three times, before I get on with my day.

These aren’t “I am a boss babe” type affirmations, but rather confirmations of what kinds of abundance I am seeking, and reassurance to myself that a day will come when they are not just thoughts, hopes, or dreams, but part of physical reality. One of my favorites:

When I follow my intuition and my heart, I am safe and sound.

This is a reminder to trust myself and my gut instead of whatever is going on in my brain. Anxiety can create a cacophony of “what if” or “that’ll never happen” or “of course that will happen, it’s the worst case scenario” so I find it important to quiet those thoughts, at least a bit, before they actually start.

I won’t share other affirmations, as some are personal and private, but as much as I love to consider myself a little chaotic and blunt, this very flowery morning ritual helps me center myself. I am not all love and light, I am also mood swings and anger and jealousy and fear. And that’s fine. My anger is righteous, my jealousy ambitious, my fear valid; and my mood swings just keep things interesting. There’s no use is shaving off the spines and spikes of my personality, and no reason to. The important part is self-awareness. I am still learning to pin point these feelings before they happen. I am still learning to react appropriately. But I’m much closer, now.

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