9 of Cups

Every day, I pull a tarot card from an excited, bubbly deck called Mystic Mondays (created by Grace Duong). I post a picture of that card on my Snapchat and Instagram stories, putting it out there for whoever may resonate with the message.

On Friday, I pulled the 2 of Pentacles and posted it to my social media.

You’re doing a great job focusing on the big picture. You can use every small moment to work toward your end goal.  Get your priorities in order. You may not feel it, but you have all the time, energy, and support in the world.

I wanted to do a “bonus card” so I grabbed a deck with a much different flavor. Thoth is a sassier, darker deck. It’s always more critical of me and me choices. If it thinks I’m asking a stupid question, I will start pulling cards that essentially tell me to stop asking and figure it out on my own. Sometimes that’s empowering, other times defeating.


I anticipated a sassy, critical card in contrast with supportive Mystic Mondays, but Thoth gave me the 9 of Cups.

The imagery is…encouraging. Each cup is overflowing with liquid gold from the lotus flowers, pouring more into the cups beneath. The card is labeled Happiness. It isn’t a very difficult card to interpret, but with Thoth there’s always plenty of nuance to consider. All nine cups are stacked in a block that fills the entire card, and the gold liquid puddles at the bottom. The streams that fall from cup to cup look like rays of light, directed to go where they need to be.

Satisfaction and surplus are coming. You will find what you seek, in exactly the way that serves you best. Be patient. All you need is on its way.

That message, from “the mean deck,” felt more profound than my usual daily pull; as if the cantankerous old man in town who scowls at everything and everyone had smiled at me for the first time.

I didn’t post it on social media. I felt selfish, but some messages are just for me. Not all of my intuition and my energy needs to be given out for free.

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